After long searching and discovering period, we opened our first project

Soup&Sausage Bistro

When starting this restaurant, our goal was to bring all our favorite flavors from Eastern European cuisine to one place for the people of Phoenix to enjoy. At Soup&Sausage Bistro, we’re proud to say we accomplished our goal after opening our doors at 04.28.2017. We started by taking ideas from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and other countries to create our menu. What comes out of that combination is a collection of hearty meat and vegetables dishes new to the typical American palate. With a focus on high-quality, homemade comfort food from the lands of our home, we’re confident there’s something here for everyone to love -- and we’re excited to share it with you all.

13240 N 7th St, suite 4-5 Phoenix, AZ. 85022

+1 (480) 319 2208