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Easy way to get healthy food!

        We started to discover a new project!


       Healthy Food will supply a client with a balanced food for every day. It will be more than supply of food. Ordering by us You will get very delicious and useful dishes. Every day we will provide our customers with high quality fresh food. Due to the ease and balance, it will improves metabolism and provides an effective and safe weight loss. Our menu will be designed by a professional nutritionist on three basic rules - the right foods, cooking technique and ingestion rhythm. Ingestion rhythm totally bases on the body's biorhythms. In this basis there are five meals: breakfast, 2-nd breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. This five food stimulation, which cause a correct reaction of the body.

       We know what You need for high performance, healthy sleep, well-being and economy of time. Soon you can spend more time with the family or to devote it to a favorite works

    We always answer the questions: "What?", "When?" and "Why?" we eat.

        Our task - to make meal  tasty, helpful and great. And all this - without leaving the scope of your calories intake.

After long searching and discovering period, finally  at 04.28.2017 we opened our first project

Soup&Sausage Bistro

The first month of work showed that this project is successful due to our customers respond.  From our side,   we will do the best for our guests.

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